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legalsuccess®, The solution that boosts your business!

The solution that boosts your business!

The simplest way to build relationships with your customers and increase your revenue! Improve your customer knowledge with the News module, and set up your prospecting campaigns with the Marketing module.

Knowledge customer

Improve your customer knowledge with CRM and easily discover the needs and concerns of your customers and prospects with the News module.

Marketing and management of your brand image

Marketing lawyer software

Your firm's marketing teams will accurately target the recipients of their campaigns to ensure the success of their communications.

Lawyers are automatically alerted to the interests of their contacts and can therefore more effectively drive their business and marketing strategy.

A must-have to detect business opportunities!

Involve your clients in their cases and strengthen relationships

Give your customers exclusive access to an intranet where they can exchange with you and use their safe to place and access all their documents, all in a totally secure space.

You can also take advantage of this space to send them your latest news, legal information or any other information to nourish the link you have with your client.

Your client will also be able to access your firm's internal directory to contact the partner who will quickly answer their questions.

Intranet lawyer software

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