LegalProd centralizes in a single platform all the functions essential to your
legal practice.

LegalProd lets you work efficiently and intelligently.

LegalProd is software redesigned for lawyers

LegalProd is a specially designed platform that is your gateway to powerful management. Everything you need in a single, interconnected platform.

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LegalProd's CRM

Get a clear view of your sales pipeline
to boost your productivity.

Business Development

Designed to go beyond simple contact management, this CRM targets up-selling, cross-selling and customer loyalty, transforming lawyers into key players in their business development.

CRM Dashboard LegalProd
CRM Dashboard 2 LegalProd - Contact anonymization

Contact Anonymization

Unique on the market, this functionality enables lawyers to compartmentalize their contacts, offering the possibility of making client or prospect contact details visible or invisible to associates, promoting a matrix organization rather than silos.

CRM Dashboard 2 LegalProd - Contact anonymization

Customizable files for lawyers

Each lawyer can create his or her own professional profile, acting as a personalized showcase.

Customizable CRM lawyer files
Press news follow-up - CRM LegalProd

Press news follow-up

Includes a widget to push relevant news from companies or customers present in the CRM, facilitating monitoring and the identification of business opportunities.

Press news follow-up - CRM LegalProd

Marketing campaign

Create and manage mailing lists, track campaign statistics for a more targeted and effective marketing approach.

Example: monitoring a newsletter campaign.

CRM Marketing Campaign LegalProd

LegalProd's EDM

A secure platform for easy access and
collaboration on all your documents.

Document storage and organization

Secure EDM for efficient document management, linked to contacts and business for natural, integrated tracking.

Document encryption

Greater security for stored and transmitted documents.

LegalProd's EDM
Collaborative working from LegalProd's EDM

Open, Collaborate, Excel

A tool designed for high-level collaboration, enabling real-time co-editing of text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Secure and confidential, it perfectly meets the needs of legal professionals for rigorous version management between all parties involved in a case, while remaining independent of external servers.

Collaborative working from LegalProd's EDM

Ask your colleague to finish the file

Start a job if a file needs to be processed by someone in your team or by your customer. A reminder will be sent to them - you're just one click away.

Assign a task to a customer or colleague

LegalProd's time management module

Turn every second into a success with LegalProd's time management module. Record, allocate and validate time efficiently.
Reinvent your productivity.

Flexible time registration

This module enables you to record the time spent by employees on their project tasks. Recording can be done manually using a stopwatch, enabling precise measurement of the time spent on each task.

Time management module
My tasks

Adding and assigning tasks

Tasks with estimated times can be added to a project's task list and assigned to specific collaborators, making it easier to manage and distribute workloads.

My tasks

Time validation and correction

All actions and times recorded are validated in a dedicated interface. Corrections can be made as needed to ensure accurate time management.

LegalProd billing dashboard for lawyers
GANT diagram

Visualization in a Gantt chart

Planned and actual times spent on tasks are shown in an integrated Gantt chart, providing a clear overview of project progress and time allocation.

GANT diagram

LegalProd billing

Visualize, manage and invoice
- every project under total control.

Projects Overview

This module provides an overview of the status of individual projects, showing amounts already invoiced, budgets exceeded and amounts still to be invoiced.

Automatic Invoice Generation

Once all work times have been validated, users can automatically generate invoices, which are then stored in the project's EDM for easy access and management.

LegalProd billing dashboard for lawyers
Billing details by project on LegalProd

Billing Details by Project

When a specific project is accessed, the system presents a detailed billing summary, including the status of invoices by team, as well as the tracking of invoices issued and archived.

Billing details by project on LegalProd
1-click invoice dunning from LegalProd

Follow up your customers with invoices

Overdue payments? Follow up your customer in just one click.

1-click invoice dunning from LegalProd

Messaging and videoconferencing

  • Messaging with customers/partners.
  • AI Assistant.
  • Videoconferencing in conjunction with EDM.

LegalProd's internal messaging system is a software-integrated messaging tool, enabling users to exchange messages in private or group conversations, exchange attachments, and alsoinitiate videoconferencing sessions. Conversations can also be created for project members only.

Messaging and videoconferencing

Our software is packed with many other features, all interconnected in harmony. Schedule a demo if you're not yet convinced.


Is it possible to add an external person to collaborate on the software?

Yes, we're even the only ones to allow you to integrate a third party into your working environment.

How can Legalprod help with cross-selling?

Legalprod facilitates cross-selling by detecting subtle indicators in the business, such as special operations carried out by customers, different points of contact within a prospect, or notable successes. Our solution helps you develop a coordinated, tangible action plan to identify potential business opportunities.

Do I need my own computer to access your solutions?

No, you can use any device (computer, tablet, phone...), all you need is an internet connection and your login details. So you can find all your documents, contacts, messages... wherever you are.

Does billing fit my business model?

Yes, whether you bill on a flat-rate, hourly rate, subscription or success fee basis, our invoicing system can be fully adapted to your needs.

Are there any user rights management systems?

Yes, each user is assigned a role that can be changed at any time. Roles define individual rights.

Can I track my employees' activity?

Yes, you can monitor your staff's activity in real time, measuring their occupancy rate to ensure you allocate the right resources to the right cases, as well as the achievement of individual billing targets.

Why is your EDM exceptional?

Our EDM (Electronic Document Management) is a platform where all documents are digitized and made available to all users. This centralized solution facilitates document consultation and management for all members of the firm, optimizing organization and efficiency. All documents are visible to users, including the names of the owners of each document. Although access to a document in its entirety requires the authorization of its owner, this global visibility enables each user to request access to the required documents.

What's your AI for?

Our AI acts as a true legal assistant, designed to operate exclusively within your environment, eliminating any risk of data leakage. It can operate directly on your firm's internal documents, and forms the core of our technological architecture.

Are you ready?

Check out our plans, from entry-level to large-scale solutions. Find what suits you, or contact us if you need something special!
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