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Discover our all-in-one software designed by lawyers to quickly and significantly improve performance.

LegalProd is CRM rethought for lawyers

LegalProd offers a tailor-made CRM solution, focused on the specific communication and client management needs of law firms. This platform enables precise tracking of customer interactions, optimizes contact management and facilitates effective communication. It is the ideal tool for targeted, professional customer relationship management, tailored to the unique requirements of the legal sector.

Business Development

Designed to go beyond simple contact management, this CRM targets up-selling, cross-selling and customer loyalty, transforming lawyers into key players in their business development.

CRM Dashboard LegalProd
CRM Dashboard 2 LegalProd - Contact anonymization

Contact Anonymization

Unique on the market, this feature enables lawyers to compartmentalize their contacts, offering the possibility of making client or prospect contact details visible or invisible to employees, favoring a silo-based rather than matrix-based organization.

Contact Anonymization

Unique on the market, this feature enables lawyers to compartmentalize their contacts, offering the possibility of making client or prospect contact details visible or invisible to employees, favoring a silo-based rather than matrix-based organization.

CRM Dashboard 2 LegalProd - Contact anonymization

Customizable files for lawyers

Each lawyer can create his or her own professional profile, acting as a personalized showcase.

Customizable CRM lawyer files
Press news follow-up - CRM LegalProd

Press news follow-up

Includes a widget to push relevant news from companies or customers present in the CRM, facilitating monitoring and the identification of business opportunities.

Press news follow-up - CRM LegalProd

Marketing campaign

Create and manage mailing lists, track campaign statistics for a more targeted and effective marketing approach.

LegalProd CRM Marketing Campaign Module

Would you like to see our all-in-one lawyer software?

Discover how our all-in-one software can revolutionize your legal practice after exploring our dedicated CRM solution for lawyers. Don't miss this opportunity to take your practice to the next level.

Peace of mind

Not only are your documents secure and archived, but we can also restore them to an earlier stage if necessary. Well stored in our system, you can be sure of easy, secure access at all times, allowing you to concentrate fully on developing your practice.

Advanced security

Two-factor authentication

Worried about leaving your information on a platform? Don't worry, we've got double authentication enabled as standard. No one will be able to steal your documents and information.


All your data is secured on a sovereign cloud, in compliance with the RGPD, and all encrypted with blockchain. Then, right inside your administration, you'll have a fully configurable space to secure your files and share only with the people of your choice.


Every hour, exceptional reaction time

We check the status of our SaaS every hour. Our availability checks enable us to react to problems before they affect a platform user. This allows us to be proactive in our efforts.

Daily full backups

We back up our platform at least once a day. Should the worst happen, you can restore a backup of your files and any information.

Focus on your core business


Benefit from instant access to key information, simplified file organization and intelligent automation of repetitive tasks. Forget about having to open dozens of software programs every day, and internalize your tasks on a single platform.


Our hosting is capable of automatic scaling. You can add users to LegalProd ad infinitum, as our server grows automatically.

User-friendly yet powerful

Our SaaS software and dashboard have been designed for software novices and experts alike. Yet it's packed with advanced features and tools you'll love.

An exceptional dashboard

The platform

Our platform is distinguished by its user-friendly interface, which guides users through its many features with simplicity. Even without technical expertise, you can easily manage your files, track your tasks and visualize your data, allowing you to get to grips with the system quickly and efficiently.

Advanced tools at your disposal

Beneath its apparent simplicity, our SaaS software hides a multitude of advanced tools. From document management to process automation, data analysis and deadline tracking, our dashboard offers you everything you need for efficient management.

Natural navigation

Accelerated learning

With our uncluttered user interface, each click leads naturally to the next functionality, with no steep learning curve. Even for users who have never used practice management software before, our system gently guides them towards complete mastery of the tools available.

Simplified interactions

Interaction with our software is smooth and streamlined, reducing the time needed to complete complex tasks. From intelligent reminders to automated suggestions, every aspect of our SaaS has been designed to increase your productivity while reducing your workload.

Adaptability to legal practice


Every feature has been meticulously crafted to adapt to the complexities of legal practice. From case management to billing, our software adjusts to the nuances of each legal specialty, guaranteeing a totally personalized experience.

Responses to specific needs

We know that every notary has his or her own way of working. That's why our platform offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing complete customization of workflows, reports and display preferences to match exactly what you're looking for in a digital legal assistant.

A support that cares

Providing fast, expert support has been our number one priority from day one. Instead of scripted answers, we have real experts ready to help you every day. What's more, our detailed documentation is there to guide you every step of the way.

Experts at your service

Direct access to expertise

Forget impersonal, automated answers. With our service, you benefit from direct contact with experts who understand the complexity of your business. There's no need to spend money on tinkering or training to adapt your tools. Our platform is designed to perfectly match the requirements of the legal profession.

Comprehensive resources at your disposal

Our detailed documentation helps you get the most out of our software. Every feature is carefully explained to help you make the most of it. Everything is brought together on a single platform, where you are constantly supported by experts, ready to intervene if you have the slightest question or challenge.

Instant answers

Progress without delay

Every minute counts in running your practice. That's why our support system is designed to provide immediate answers. Ask a question and expect a solution in real time, enabling you to overcome obstacles without wasting a second.

Lightning solutions for all your questions

Our support team doesn't just respond quickly; we provide concrete, tailored solutions. Whether it's a feature request or a technical question, expect feedback that lights your way and guides you towards effective problem solving.

100% resolution

Comprehensive care

Whenever you're faced with a challenge, our team is there to offer complete support. We don't settle for temporary answers; we aim for total resolution of every problem, digging deeper until we find the perfect solution, tailored to your situation.

Commitment to total satisfaction

Our promise is simple: a 100% satisfaction rate through an equally perfect problem resolution rate. We measure our success by your ability to use our software without hindrance, with the certainty that any assistance you need is just a click away.

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What they think of us

Intuitive, well-thought-out interface for business development. Retains all the needs of a business firm. I used to spend 10 hours a month editing invoices...

A firm of 60 lawyers

Your product meets our needs, we thought it was made for larger structures. Not losing any more documents or files is really great. It's not that expensive.

Firm of 6 litigators

We need to be able to work remotely with our teams. Also, opening the EDM to external third parties is a real plus.

Law firm of 15 lawyers

Gabon - Libreville

LegalProd is a finalist in the Paris Bar Innovation Awards!


All plans have the same features, no hidden costs.

Monthly payment

Annual payment
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LegalProd Starter

40 €

/ month

For up to 5 users*.

100 customer areas

10 partner areas

Storage 1 Tera

Our comprehensive software

No hidden payments

Onboarding included

Free training

5/7 assistance


LegalProd Essentiel

70 €

/ month

For 10 users

250 customer areas

25 partner areas

Storage 2.5 Tera

Our comprehensive software

No hidden payments

Onboarding included

Free training

5/7 assistance


LegalProd Advanced

99 €

/ month

For up to 15 users*.

500 customer areas

50 partner areas

Storage 5 Tera

Our comprehensive software

No hidden payments

Onboarding included

Free training

5/7 assistance


LegalProd Pro

- €

/ month

For X users

X customer areas

X partner areas

Storage X Tera

Our comprehensive software

No hidden payments

Onboarding included

Free training

5/7 assistance

* Customers are not counted as users.

Included in all plans

LegalProd is a specially designed platform that serves as your gateway.

Support expert

Our expert developers will help you with any problems you may have. Support is available from 08:00 to 18:00.

Highly secure

Active/passive security protocols, firewalls, daily backups, availability checks and more.

User experience

Our SaaS software and dashboard, designed for beginners, offer a multitude of advanced features and tools, ensuring a rewarding user experience.

Free migration / onboarding

Onboarding consists of integrating all your information (contacts, files, documents, etc.) and eventually providing you with APIs for your day-to-day tools.

Free training

We'll take care of training you, and provide you with comprehensive documentation available 24/7.


Confidentiality assured thanks to our secure French data servers, located exclusively in France.


Can I get a refund if the software doesn't meet my expectations?

Because we have the utmost confidence in our product, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our software during this period, you can request a full refund.

Do you offer training courses?

Although our tools are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, we offer all our customers free CRM training to ensure an optimal user experience.

Do I need to install any software on my PC?

No, our products operate in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, so there's nothing to install. You can access our tools wherever you are and on any device (tablet, computer, phone).

What should I do with my existing contacts and files?

You've got nothing to worry about! We'll take care of everything for you. We'll integrate your existing contacts into the CRM.

What happens to my data if I stop my subscription?

If you decide to end your subscription, we will return all the data you have stored with us.

Can I get my data back if I leave the firm?

Yes, if you leave the firm, we will provide you with all your data.

What is a CRM for lawyers and why do I need one?

A CRM for lawyers is a customer relationship management tool specially designed to meet the needs of law firms. It helps to organize, track and manage interactions with customers, prospects and even partners, optimizing efficiency, better visibility of customer interactions and revenues.

Is CRM for lawyers secure?

Yes, security is a priority for our CRM for lawyers. They use advanced security protocols to protect sensitive customer data and meet confidentiality and legal compliance standards.

Is CRM difficult to use? Do I need technical skills?

Our CRM for lawyers is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, without requiring specific technical skills. In addition, training and support are provided to facilitate adoption of the tool.

Can I integrate CRM with other tools I already use?

Yes, our CRM for lawyers offers integration possibilities with other software used in law firms, such as accounting tools, document management tools and communication platforms.

How does LegalProd's CRM for lawyers facilitate online prospecting and marketing communications in the legal field?

Our CRM for lawyers is designed to optimize prospecting and marketing communications specifically for the legal profession. It enables you to effectively manage and analyze your online interactions with potential and existing customers. Thanks to its integrated tools, you can target your marketing efforts more strategically, improve your online presence and develop more effective prospecting campaigns. By centralizing customer information and analyzing communication data, our CRM helps you create personalized, targeted marketing strategies essential to the growth and success of your law firm.